uPVC, Acrylic & Other Plastics
We can repair chips, marks and dents so you would never know they were there!

Repair and Restoration to uPVC, Acrylic & Other Plastics

Different kinds of plastic surfaces, especially window frames and sills can be easily damaged by accident, weathering and during cleaning or maintenance work. This can leave unwanted scratches, marks, dents, chips and other kind of damage that will spoil the look.

Masterfix Solutions offers you a cost effective solution, in which we recreate the frame contours and match the color and finish, restoring your frames and other plastic surfaces back to the original look. Our technicians will fix everything without the need to remove anything, therefore the cost of repairing will be considerably less than the cost of replacing.

uPVC repair

uPVC or PVCu is the chemically resistant variation of the strong, yet light weighted PVC plastic, which is commonly used for making window frames, pipes and other constructions. uPVC is favored because of its resistance to weathering and durability against impact. It also has low requirements for maintenance and retains its shape under any kind of normal climate. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But unfortunately it still isn’t your Mr. Almighty and is prone to scratches during cleaning or maintenance work, staining, degradation due to weathering and occasionally accidental damage.

Our technicians are great at their work and can fix any kind of damage to your window frame, without removing the window. We will reattach any chipped off corners, repair dents and close up holes, scratches and marks. We will match the color of the restored patch so perfectly, you won’t remember where the damage was in the first place.  

Acryl & other plastics repair

Do you know what’s so great about plastic? That it’s durable, affordable, can be shaped into anything and be used anywhere. In fact, it really is used anywhere. Take for example thermoplastic acryl or acrylic glass. Because of its toughness, flexibility and perfect transparency it was used during World War II for submarine periscopes and plane windshields, but now we make shatter-resistant windows and even art pieces from it. Acryl is also a component for lacquer, various other textile finishes and adhesives, so it is largely used for repair and restoration. But no matter how strong and durable, acryl and other plastics are still affected by wear and weathering in the long run. They can also be chipped, scratched, dented and damaged in many other ways. In cases where the replacing of plastic items or surfaces too problematic and expensive, we suggest repairing it instead.

Our technicians are experienced professionals that can repair any kind of damage to acryl, and other plastic items and surfaces. We can patch up holes, remove dents and scratches, restore the color and coat the surface with epoxy resin or any other protective coating. Our specialists work clean, quick and for a reasonable price, making the restoration of plastic more cost-efficient than replacing.

Example Repairs

Before: uPVC
After: uPVC
Before: Other Plastics
After: Other Plastics
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