Solid & Veneered Wood
We can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Solid & Veneered Wood Repair and Restoration

Any wooden or veneered surfaces or items can be fully restored to its original look. Our technicians are highly adapt at restoring the wood using innovative repair techniques. Instead of replacing, we offer you to repair any kind of damage – chips, dents, scratches, marks, and etc., at less cost and top working speed, benefiting both you and the environment.

Solid wood restoration

What can be more beautiful than real, natural wood? Each and every fiber of its texture is shaped uniquely by Mother Nature, taking in all the colors of the forest’s earth and air. Even if it’s covered with lacquer, you still can phantom feeling the fragrance of fresh cut pine, cedar, cherry or whatever wood it is made off. It just seems to be living, breathing and changing the air quality in your home. Not only new, but also antique items and furniture made from different kinds of wood can be a family treasure you surely would like to preserve in top condition.

That’s what we are here for! Entrust your precious wooden surfaces and items to us! Our technicians can fully restore any kind of damage, including cracks and splits, chips, loss of color, stains and burn marks, even the characteristic wrapping and distorting. Most often our work consists of stripping off the old lacquer, smoothing out and reapplying a new varnish. However, if required, Masterfix Solutions can also offer you to smoothing and polishing the wood, wax, or epoxy paint coating or recoating. Even fragile gilded surfaces can be handled by our specialists.

Veneered wood restoration

Veneer is a woodworking technique, where thin (usually less than 3mm) slices of wood are glued to a core base panel to create stronger, sustainable, and more affordable wooden surfaces. It is loved by designers because it allows us to play with different kinds and patterns of exotic and expensive wood and make any room look gorgeous. Compared to solid wood, veneer is less prone to splitting, cracking and deforming, however it is still wood, therefore requires special maintenance to keep looking good.

Our technicians are experts in their work that can restore veneered wood surfaces back to the original look. The most common kind of damage for veneered wood is cracking of the decorative wooden surface that exposes the base. Masterfix Solutions can offer you to glue the cracked veneer back in place and fill in the missing bits with a special filler, then match the finish to completely restore the surface. In case of the veneer loosing color, being damaged by wear or exposure we can also repaint it, apply epoxy paint or lacquer. We will restore it so good, you won’t even remember where it was it damaged before. So trust our skills and let us do the wood restoration for you!

Example Repairs

Before: Solid & Veneered Wood
After: Solid & Veneered Wood
Before: Natural Wood
After: Natural Wood
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