Marble, Granite & Limestone
We can repair chips, marks and dents so you would never know they were there!

Marble, Granite & Limestone Repair and Restoration

Any kind of damage caused by acid, impact, staining, burning, vandalism or accidental damage can be repaired to look as good as new. Scratches, dents, cracks, stains and scuff marks, just worn surfaces due to regular use, even the loss of shine and dulling of colors – you name it, we repair it!

We offer to fix any damage to marble, granite and limestone surfaces quickly and for a reasonable price. Our technicians work fast and clean, benefiting both you and the environment. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional and call us!



Marble is natural stone that is formed through the recrystallization and metamorphosis of carbonate minerals, such as calcite, granite, limestone and dolomite. The characteristic swirl and wave pattern exists thanks to the mix of various other minerals inside, but the valued shine and transparency is possible because of the stone’s ability of absorbing light deeply before scattering it. Since ancient times it has been the material of kings – the Greek sculptors loved it, the Turkish architects adored it, but the Roman emperors fought wars for it. It is a worldwide recognized symbol of refined taste and wealth and certainly is must-have to give your home that royal look.

However, like any other natural stone, it requires special care to keep its shine and remain in top condition. It can be relatively easy damaged by wrong cleaning products and methods, acids and physical damage such as impact, dent, burn and scratch. If your marble surface has been badly damaged, don’t rush to replace it just yet. Simply call us! We offer a full marble repair service and will restore it back to its original shine without removing a tile. Our repair specialists will fill in any cracks, holes and dents, smooth out all scruffs and scratches, clean and polish it, so you can once again enjoy the shine of your restored marble.



Granite is a stone made of a mix of various minerals, formed by cooling off magma for many years under extreme pressure. We love it because of its grain like texture and an array of colors that exist thanks to this combination of rock minerals. It mostly contains large parts of quartz crystals and feldspar that give it its characteristic glitter. Surfaces made of polished granite can add brightness and lots of appeal to any home. Granite is also very durable and long-lasting and is quite resistant to stains and spills. However, if left for too long, a spill, for example from red wine, can still leave an unremovable mark. Just like marble, it is also not too resistant to acid and wrong cleaning products, as well as scratch and tear, so damage does happen.

For granite repair, there is no need to remove the surface; we can fix it without doing any heavy lifting, and for a reasonable price. Our professional team will remove all kinds of scratches, cracks, stains, dents and signs of wear, and restore granite surfaces back to their original glory. Trust our skills and professionalism!



Limestone is a rock with history. It takes millions of years for it to form and consists of the skeletal fragments of various marine organisms, such as corals and mollusks. It has always been valued for its long-lasting durability and the ability to withstand exposure. This is why even ancient buildings, for example the pyramids, have still remained standing even after hundreds of years. Nowadays it is mostly used as a decorative material, to your home the sense of nature and add some color. It is also liked by many because of its smooth no-gloss surface.

However, no matter how durable, it is still prone to damage caused by various acids, which can lead to weathering, cracking, erosion and loss of its natural color. Our professional team can fix any kind of damage and repair limestone surfaces. Cracks and scratches can be removed by filling the fissure with special resin, tinted to match the surface color, to restore the limestone back to its original form. Our technicians will mask all wear and tear without even a hint of the previous damage.

Example Repairs

Before: Limestone
After: Limestone
Before: Marble
After: Marble
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