Ceramic Tiles
We can repair chips, marks and cracks so you would never know they were there!

Ceramic Tiles Repair and Restoration

Ceramic tiles are a strong, beautiful and hygienic surface material designed for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. They are an excellent fit for any home, therefore it’s a shame if they get tarnished, broken or damaged, spoiling the look. Such damage can be easily fixed by our professional technicians, who will do it clean, fast and for a good price. We will restore your ceramic tiles so good, you will even forget where the damage was in the first place! Our specialists are  professionals in ceramic tiles repair.

Ceramic tiles repair

Ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clay and water, and other natural materials such as quartz or sand. To make them durable enough for use, they are fist fired up in a kiln at very high temperatures and sometimes glazed to add pattern, color and make it extra tough and waterproof. For their evident durability and artistic beauty, ceramic tiles have been a popular house installation element among wealthy families for centuries. Some of such tile mosaics date back as far as Babylon and Assyria around the 7th century BCE, but floor tiles form ancient Rome and Egypt have survived to our days, for more than 2000 years, almost intact.

We like ceramic tiles, because they are hygienic and easy to clean. They resist wear and weathering, fear no moisture, acids, nor the change of temperatures. Ceramic tiles are 100% environment friendly and even constant sunshine can’t force them to fade or loose color. They add a touch of elegance to any room and serve the purpose of being a practical, hard surface wherever it is needed. However, there still is one common problem– ceramic tiles can easily crack and break due to strong impact or accident. Replacing broken tiles can be such a headache that may require lots of time, trouble and money. So instead of replacing, why not consider repairing your ceramic tiles?

We at Masterfix Soulutions know exactly how to restore your ceramic tiles back to original, no matter damaged it is. Even drill holes used to secure fittings can be easily repaired as if they have never been there in the first place. Our technicians will reattach chips, fill in any cracks or dents, and then match the finish perfectly. If there is any damage to the grout lines between the tiles, they are stained or have deteriorate, we will repair them as well. Depending on the maintenance, tiles can sometimes tarnish, making it impossible to clean them back to shine with standard cleaning methods. In such cases we offer to clean and polish off all oil, dirt and soap residue, restoring them back to original. If necessary, ceramic tiles can be also refinished, reglazed and coated with protective layers. We do all of this without any need of replacing! Decide what is best for you and ask the help of professionals!

Example Repairs

Before: Ceramic Tiles
After: Ceramic Tiles
Before: Ceramic Tiles
After: Ceramic Tiles
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