Our specialists from Masterfix Solutions repair glass damages liker chips, cracks and marks so you would never know they were there!

Glass Repair and Restoration

We like to use glass in our house design because of its crystal clear transparency which makes the room seem brighter and more spacious, as well as doesn’t obstruct the outside view. However, when the glass is damaged, its aesthetic properties are lost. Replacing damaged glass is expensive and time consuming, therefore we offer you to repair glass on site, as a time and cost effective alternative to replacement.

Our specialists from Masterfix Solutions are capable of restoring scratched and chipped glazing and glass surfaces to a sparkling finish. We can also restore chipped glass panes and the edges of glazed worktops. Scratches and lighter cracks can be removed by polishing, completely restoring the surface.

We offer repairs to:

  • Scratched and chipped glass
  • Small localized damage from impact
  • Chipped glass edges and corners
  • Unremovable hardened dirt and graffiti

Glass surfaces repair

Ever since the discovery of glassmaking in ancient times, it has been a very valued luxury material, because of its many properties, most of all transparency. Just like a mirror, it’s a symbol of two worlds – a wall that separates the cozy inside of our house form the harsh climate of the outside world. However transparent glass can’t rob us the sunlight, instead it lets the brightness enter the house, making the room feel nice and more spacious. Newer types of glass are even designed to do specific functions, for example isolate sound, hold off bullets and explosions, and even reduce the weight of a building façade, if used in construction.

There is no wonder that bringing glass elements in the room design is trendy, as it gives off a sophisticated and high-tech look, but requires no special maintenance. Glass is literary our window to the outside world, therefore it is important to have our view unobstructed and clear.

Despite its hardness, glass can still be easily damaged. However if the surface isn’t completely broken, don’t rush to replace it just yet and save yourself some money and trouble – our expert technicians might just be able to completely restore it. At Masterfix solutions we use the newest techniques and precision tools for glass repair. If the surface has light scratches and chips, they can be removed by some professional elbow grease and polishing. In the case of deeper cracks, localized damage by impact, chipped corners or edges, we use certain specialist resins that fill in the crevice with a transparent filler that later hardens and completely masks the damage.

With the right tools and skills, many kinds of glass damage can be restored back to original, so don’t hesitate to call a specialist. We will assess the damage and suggest effective  glass repair options. Remember, that chips and scratches on glass must be repaired as fast as possible, to prevent them from further deepening.

Example Repairs

Before: Glass
After: Glass
Before: Glass
After: Glass
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