Laminate & IPS
We can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Laminate Repair and Restoration

Laminate is used as the material of choice for worktops, floors, panels and other surfaces because of its broad variety of design and very high durability. Therefore by being a surface of high usage there is a strong chance that it will get damaged over time.

Scratches, chips, cracks, burnt marks, dents, fading of color, damage to the pattern or any other damage can be repaired back to its original look by our professional team. Remember, any damage to laminate surfaces will be cheaper and easier to fix if started early. So don’t hesitate to ask for a professional for help to repair laminate. Call us and ask about our reasonable prices!

Laminate Repair

Laminate has been under the spotlight for a long time. It’s one of the most popular products for the design of kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, places with children and animals, hospitals, offices and even theater stages. Made by fusing multiple layers of materials with different functions through the process of lamination - it is made beautiful, affordable, and durable, resistant to scratch, easy to clean and even hygienic. It can imitate every kind of surface, just like any good actor. Laminate can simulate thousands of natural or exotic wood patterns, marble or stone, with photographic precision. Its upper protective layer is made of strong, transparent, wear resistant resin which allows the pattern image to shine. With the proper maintenance, laminate can look like freshly installed for years to come.

It’s important to keep your laminate surfaces clean. Given time, the collection of dirt and dust particles can leave scratches that shorten the lifespan of your laminate. Spilled liquids and moisture can deform the surface, leave marks or damage the color. High traffic can leave signs of wear and surfaces made from cheaper laminate brands can gradually form gaps between the boards. Once you start noticing, that your laminate doesn’t look in top condition, rather than replacing them, consider to call a restoration specialist first. Its best if the repairs start early, before the damage spreads and becomes unrepairable.

Our technicians can restore laminate back to its original glory. Even if the decorative pattern has been damaged, we will find a matching finish and restore the protective resin surface. Dents, scratches and other impact damage can also be removed by recoating and polishing the surface. At Masterfix Solutions we also work with epoxy resin surfaces and can offer you to wax you laminate for extra protection. We offer high quality laminate repair  fast and professional!

IPS Panel Systems

IPS stands for Integrated Plumbing System and the decorative panels used to conceal the pipework are called IPS panels. They can also be used to give the washroom the missing punch or color and help the design look finished. IPS panels can be made of a variety of materials, such as venerated wood or plastic, but more than often the designer’s choice stays with laminate.

Of course, IPS panels can also get damaged by vandalism, accident or natural factors, such as too much moisture or wear. Materfix Solutions offers you IPS panel repair and restoration service. Our crew will fill in cracks, patch up holes, restore the pattern and if required recoat the surface with water resistant epoxy resin to minimize any future damage. 

Example Repairs

Before: Laminate & IPS
After: Laminate & IPS
Before: Damaged Laminate
After: Restored Laminate
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