Scratched Steel & Aluminium
We can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Scratched Steel & Aluminium Repair and Restoration

Steel and aluminium are great finishes that are both modern and practical, but with time and usage they can get scratched and dull. Our technicians use a range of precision tools, specialist resins and compounds to carefully polish out scratches and restore the surface to its original condition. Believe us when we say, that after our professional restoration, they will look as good as new, if not even better.

Steel & aluminum repair

Steel is an alloy, meaning, it’s made of multiple metals, but mostly iron and carbon. Thanks to this mix, steel is much stronger and tougher than its individual components. It is also one of the world’s most recycled materials, therefore very cost-efficient. Steel can be molded into any shape, is durable, hygienic and has good tensile and yield strength. Stainless steel is even resistant to acids and corrosion. No wonder we use it everywhere – starting from knifes and bathroom sinks, to buildings and railroads. Noting can add as much style and utility to your home, than beautiful, modern and shiny steel finishes.

In comparison, aluminum surfaces require much more preparation to better withstand corrosion, moisture, pressure, impact and other kinds of possible damage. Instead of being used as a pure chemical element it is almost always alloyed to make the metal stronger and aluminium surfaces are usually coated with some sort of protective layers. This makes the restoration process slightly more difficult. But polished aluminium has a unique mirror-like luster and just looks out of this world, so it’s definitely worth it.

It is very sad when your precious steel and aluminium items or surfaces lose their shine, look dull and scratched. Also, scratches tend to only deepen with time, so it’s best to restore them periodically. And guess what, we will gladly help you with that! Spare yourself the trouble and elbow grease and leave the polishing to professionals. At Masterfix Solutions we work both with coated and uncoated steel and aluminium surfaces, fingerprint resistant coating, as well as polish brass and copper. Our technicians will assess the damage and offer you to choose from a variety of effective repair and polishing options.

Expert polishing can remove this and much more:

  • Scratches
  • Etched or acid graffiti 
  • Sandpaper & paint scraper damage
  • Weather and water damage
  • Mineral deposits, such as mineral salts and rust
  • Builders' sand damage
  • Concrete, weld or grinder spatter 
  • Scaffolding and construction scratches

Don’t hesitate and call us to restore your steel and aluminium items and surfaces to their original gleam and shine!

Example Repairs

Before: Steel Sink
After: Steel Sink
Before: Aluminium
After: Aluminium
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