Powder Coated Metal
We can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Powder Coated Metal Repair and Restoration

Our technicians use a range of precision tools, specialist resins and compounds to repair any kind of heavy damage, dents or scratches to powder coated metal surfaces.

A full respray can restore the surface to its original condition, or we can also offer you a different finish, if required.

We can repair:

  • Scratches and dents
  • Etched and acid graffiti 
  • Sandpaper & paint scraper damage
  • Weather and water damage
  • Mineral deposits, such as mineral salts or rust
  • Damage from builders' sand
  • Concrete, weld or grinder spatter 
  • Scaffolding and construction scratches


Powder coated metal repair

In case you wonder, powder coating is a technique where the finish is applied as spray of dry powder. In this case no solvent or binder is required, because the powder is then heated to fuse into a solid layer that offers both the aesthetic and protective function. And guess what, the industry loves it, because it’s durable, high-quality and efficient in mass production. So there is a high chance that your metal items are made beautiful by using exactly this technique. However when protective coating has vanished by natural or accidental damage the and your metal surfaces have been exposed to the elements, looking quite unattractive, it is best to call a professional to restore it, before the metal starts to rust.


Brass, copper and other specific metal surfaces require special attention, as they are usually covered with a protective layer. Years passing, this layer can deteriorate and allow the elements to get under it and cause the metal to look tarnished. No matter how much you scrub, it just won’t get shiny again. So to bring it back to life, we first have to remove the previous coating before polishing.


Masterfix Solutions offer you a full service in repairing powder coated metal surfaces, restoring them to the original look. We work quickly and clean no matter the size of the damage. If necessary, our technicians will remove the previous color, get rid of rust and other mineral deposits that have formed on the metal, remove scratches and dents, fill in cracks, and smooth out the surface before recoating it and restoring the faded color. We also work with epoxy paint, as well as wax, lacquer and polish, and if requested, with gilded and gold coated items and surfaces. Trust us to do you a great job!

Example Repairs

Before: Powder Coated Metal
After: Powder Coated Metal
Before: Powder Coated Metal
After: Powder Coated Metal
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