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We can repair chips and marks, so you would never know they were there!

Concrete & Stone Repair and Restoration

Scratches, cracks, stains, scuff marks or just chipped off parts of stone surfaces can be completely restored by our expert technicians. Whether the cause is impact, staining, burning, vandalism or accidental damage during construction or installation, we can make any surface look as good as new.

If restoration is required for stone sills or other surfaces outside the building we can also offer a full resurface service with using sand blasting techniques. Remember, that  stone repairs are best done as soon as the damage has appeared, before the cracks deepen. Our experts will do the work quick, clean and for a good price.

Concrete repair

Concrete is a composite material, meaning it’s made of multiple ingredients – a fine or grinded natural component (sand, gravel, slag or other) and a fluid, paste like binder, usually lime-based cement. After drying it becomes a hard, heavy suffice or filler material, that requires little maintenance, is extremely durable and impact resistant. For example, look at the Colosseum, build almost 2000 years ago by the Ancient romans, it is still standing tall despite not being protected from the elements. All thanks to the nice climate of Italia and the concrete’s natural ability to withstand weathering. Modern uses of this nice building material are various, depending on the type. Asphalt concrete is used for building roads, steel reinforced concrete is the base for bridges and modern buildings, but the floor of your the cute garden gnome and the flooring of your gazebo are most likely made of regular concrete. Concrete is almost impossible to be scratched or dent, and modern finishing techniques can make it a star of any room design.

The only problem with concrete is that in contrary to its impact resistance, it has weak tensile strength. In other words, it can form cracks and other kind of damage because of the material’s natural expanding and contraction, due to the change of temperature, moisture and wear. Even expert made concrete flooring may develop cracks over time. At Masterfix Solutions we made it our task, to make concrete repairs that last. Before starting any work, we will consult you about the reasons, why the damage appeared in the first place, making sure it won’t reappear as soon as previously. We can patch up holes and cracks and smoothen out the surface. We also restore polished concrete and match the finish perfectly, making the damage seem like it was never there.

Stone repair

We never really left of the Stone Age, didn’t we? Almost everyone would love to have natural stone elements and finishes at their home. There is no need to explain how nice it is - strong and durable, all natural and hygienic, with unique patterns and luxurious look. Yes, it has it’s demerits, like requiring special maintenance, being easily damaged by acids, and prone to cracking because stone still keeps living and breathing even as a part of the house’s façade. But still, it is more than worth it, especially nowadays, where we can just repair any kind of damage, without the need to replace it.

There are different kinds of stones with unique individual properties. We at Masterfix Solutions know exactly what kind of tools and repair techniques are required for each types. Our technicians can repair  stone chips, cracks, dents and scratches, any kind of accidental and natural damage or vandalism. We clean the stone surface, fill in holes and dents, smoothen and perfectly match the finish making the repairs invisible. If required, we can also polish the surface or coat it with epoxy resin, lacquer or any other protective coating to make our restoration lasting. We work with quartz, corian, earth stone, and many other kinds of natural and artificial stone. Be sure that your precious stone surfaces will be more than safe in the hands of our experts!

Example Repairs

Before: Concrete Blocks
After: Concrete Blocks
Before: Stone
After: Stone
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