Baths & Sinks
Bath and sink repair is not longer a problem! Our professionals can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Baths, Shower Trays & Sinks Repair and Restoration

Scratches, dents, cracks, stains and scuff marks, or even just worn and dulled surfaces can be completely restored by our expert technicians. Whether the cause is impact, staining, contamination, burning, vandalism or accidental damage during construction or installation - we can make any surface look as good as new!

Baths, shower trays and sinks are expensive to replace. So why not request  bath and sink repairs at Masterfix Solutions instead? Repairing is cheaper, faster and more beneficial to you and the environment, so feel free to entrust your surfaces to experts!

Baths, Shower Trays and Sinks Repair

The bathroom and kitchen are the most important utility rooms in the house. Not only do we and our family members frequent it a lot, but our friends and guests might also use them, so it is important that these places look good - are clean and in top condition. Because of the extra high usage, baths, shower trays and sinks are more prone to be damaged. Not only do these surfaces have to endure a lot of moisture and rapid changes of temperatures (because of hot water), but also periodic cleaning, often using strong cleaning solutions, acids and scrubbing. This can lead to scratches, burn marks and staining, wear and the dulling of color.

Masterfix Solutions has thought about this, so to make things easier for you we offer you a full bath, shower trays and sink repair service. Our technicians will completely restore them back to the original shine, without the need to remove or uninstall anything. Any kind of damage by wear, weathering, vandalism or accident can be restored, making it faster and cheaper than replacing. Our specialists will assess the damage and suggest you the best repair options to choose form. We can remove soap residue, oils, dirt and other kinds of tarnish, that dull the surface and are impossible to remove with standard cleaning methods. If required, our technicians will polish the surface, smooth out scratches, patch up holes and dents, refinish, apply lacquer, epoxy resin, and other kinds of protective coating. We use a range of modern precision tools and the newest repair techniques, professional resins and solutions, as well as work with specific materials, for example gilded surfaces. Don’t hesitate to entrust your surfaces to a professional and call the Masterfix Solutions team right now!

Our technicians can repair these and more:

  • Acrylic and Cast Polymer
  • Cast Iron
  • Cultured Marble
  • Quartz
  • Corian and Earth Stone 
  • Ceramics
  • Enameled Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Resin and Epoxy Resin Surfaces
  • Other Kinds of Solid Surfaces


Example Repairs

Before: Baths & Sinks
After: Baths & Sinks
Before: Baths & Sinks
After: Baths & Sinks
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