PU & Other sprayed finishes
We can repair chips, marks, dents and burn marks so you would never know they were there!

Repair and Restoration to PU & Other sprayed finishes

Surfaces that have been coated with PU and other sprayed finishes are hard to restore, because even after repairing it, the surface has to be additionally smoothened and often fully resprayed to expertly hide all signs of previous damage.

Our professionals from Masterfix Solutions can easily repair PU scratches, dents, cracks, stains and scuff marks, even worn and tarnished surfaces can be completely restored. Our technicians are specialists in spray coating and can perfectly match the original finish. If necessary, we can also resurface the items to give them a fresh new look or change the finish to a different color or design.

We do the work fast, clean and for a good price. You can trust us to repair PU surface to look as good as new.

Repair PU and Other sprayed finishes

Sprayed finishes can be tricky to handle, especially for novices. It requires some pre knowledge, skill and additional preparation to make sure the surface is as smooth and clean as possible. But therefore they  offer a fast and efficient way to lay down an even layer of finish, without needing any other maintenance afterwards. This is especially handy for coating larger areas and areas that need more than one layer of coating.

At Masterfix Solutions we work with different types of regular and specialist spray finishes. This includes different types or varnish, lacquer and protective films as well as paint, gilding and tint. Among them, the most popular being PU or PUR, which stands for polyurethane. It is a type of resin coating that creates a hard yet elastic film with good resistance to scratch, wear, chemicals and weathering, once it has dried. Because of the coating’s flexibility, it is favored for surfaces that also require flexibility and PU is currently the strongest protective finish with such properties available on the market.  There are two types of PU spray:

  • Water-based PU – a fast drying, transparent film with little toxicity and odor, but therefore is weak to heat and chemicals and should not be used on items that will be exposed to the elements.
  • Oil-based PU – a more durable, heat and chemical resistant coating, with a slight tint and shine that can bring out the rich color of wood and other surfaces, but therefore a bit harder to apply.

If a sprayed surface has been damaged, our technicians will first assess the damage. If it is necessary, we will first remove the previous coating. Then we fill in the cracks, dents and holes, smooth or polish out the scratches and restore the surface. Our technicians can perfectly match the finish or apply a different one, depending on the client’s wishes and requirements. We will also suggest what kind of protective coating would be best desired in the specific case, to protect the surface and make the PU repairs last. Trust us to do a great job that benefits your needs!

Example Repairs

Before: PU sprayed finishes
After: PU sprayed finishes
Before: PU
After: PU
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