We can repair chips to brick surfaces so you would never know they were there!

Brick Repair and Restoration

Bricks are a great, tough and durable building material that is used to make walls, fences, window sills, steps, pavement and many other screed surfaces. However due to various causes such as weathering, impact, burning, the change of temperatures, vandalism, accidents during construction or maintenance, the brickwork, and more so the mortar, can deteriorate by forming cracks and chips, not only spoiling the look, but sometimes even threatening the stability of the structure.

When this happens it’s best to call a specialist to assess and repair the damage. The technicians from Masterfix Solutions are professional masons who can repair and rebuild these surfaces using a number of specialist techniques and tools. We do our work fast, clean and for a reasonable price. We also make sure that our brick repairs last, by doing quality work and consulting.

Brick repair

Bricks are a composite building material that is traditionally made of hardened clay. However nowadays there are various types of brickmaking, which involves different production techniques as well as ingredients, such as lime, sand, ash-clay, concrete and other, to give the material different properties. For example pavement blocks are made to better withstand weathering, moisture and traffic, but fire resistant bricks are necessary for building fireplaces, kilns and chimneys.

Whether they are fired or non-fired, centuries have proven that proper brickwork can make a strong, solid and durable wall that can hold huge loads of weight, impact and fire damage, as well as give a home distinction and a unique character of color, rustical atmosphere and ye olde feeling of “my home is my castle”.  Keeping the brickwork in top condition isn’t only a cosmetical issue, it also secures the structure from collapsing, therefore, if bricks get damaged or form cracks, it is important to consult a specialist for causes and repair them as soon as possible.

Even if bricks can last for years, the same can rarely be said about the mortar that keeps them together. Exposure to moisture, together with the natural change of temperature from freezing in winter to heating up during hot summers can make the brickwork crack, chip, form crevices and the bricks can become loose. Our specialists from Masterfix Solutions are experts in masonry that can fix these and many other problems, restoring the bricks and mortar back to original.

We can repair direct damage to the bricks itself, including the loss of color, stains, burn marks, scratches, dents and chips, as well as tuck-point the brickwork with fresh mortar that matches the original color, leaving a nice, clean finish. Even glazed and decorative bricks can be restored by our expert technicians.


Example Repairs

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